Tim West : Born and raised in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA, I grew up surrounded by music. Besides singing, I’ve taken up instruments such as keyboards, drums/percussion and electric and acoustic guitar. Spinning up the tunes as a DJ is another fun way to keep the music flowing. They always say “find the thing you love and get paid for it” I’ve been playing in various bands for over 15 years, including a 2-year tour through Southeast Asia. On top of being a seasoned musician, I also write, record and produce music. In fact, music has led me to the best experiences of my life .
  Tommy Bronx : He grew up in New York living, loving and experiencing music, from drums in grammar school bands to teaching his parents the daily adversities of garage bands. He was addicted to his drums and music and the feeling of contentment he got when he played. He played percussion and various instruments through college and most of his adult life. Finally, he left the city and came to the island eventually joining me. He now happily plays on a daily basis.
   Craig : a Kansas City native, started playing double bass at age 10.  He learned several genres including classical, jazz, and big band through orchestra, concert band, and jazz band. This training helped when he discovered the bass guitar and began playing rock music a few years later. He has 40 + years of experience performing in rock bands at various local venues. His island life allows him to continue his lifelong joy and perform at some of the most beautiful places in the world!
Covering almost any entertainment need, we are seasoned musicians with personality. Reading the crowd is a very important part of our job and we use that to choose the music/song we play. Entertainment and lighting makes the event. The hall or a bar could be beautiful, the food delicious, but without the right entertainment and lighting, your party falls flat.
  As far as sound man and PA rentals, if there are any sound equipment needs you have, We  have a solution.We also offer Dj lighting and Event up lighting 
CONTACT INFO : 340-244-1188